Doula Training In Portland, Oregon

Have you been looking for an in-person AND online doula training? You are in huuuuugeee luck then, because HERBAL is coming to Portland this August 2020!!!!!

Only 2-3% of Portland’s population are choosing home births, this is something that can be changed with the right community activists and birth professionals speaking up and educating people! The 97-98% birthing in the hospitals also need a substantial amount of support, to obtain their natural, minimal intervention birth plans. There is really only one hospital that in our research, and from anecdotal experience from local birth professionals, that really works to give moms a close-to-birth-center experience in the hospital, and that seems to be Legacy Emanuel. There needs to be more integration and foot work to make hospitals a safer place for people to birth, and to transfer to when there are low-risk needs, and high-risk needs. That birth professional to lay the groundwork could be YOU!

Become a CERTIFIED Holistic Doula/Birthkeeper & Obtain Placenta Skills and more essential birth skills training with HERBAL!

Ready to become a certified DOULA?? Interested in the more holistic route of birth support?

HERBAL is here to certify you for only $555 a person (current Birthkeeper students can attend for $200). This includes online course access as soon as you pay, and you will walk away from our training date with a certification IN HAND, tons of knowledge in your brain, and a circle of local friends made.

Pregnant persons that want to act as a learning model for fetal heart tones, belly mapping, belly support, pain management techniques, and more, are welcome to attend for the Birthkeeper student discount rate (must be in the third trimester). We are also accepting partial scholarships for indigenous women and WOC (up to two per training), if you would like to apply please email us at

IMPORTANT! If you would like to participate in the training, you must send our Facebook page or email a request for a Paypal invoice. Please provide your Paypal email address in this message. Our Facebook page is Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning and our email is

All HERBAL training payments are sent via Paypal invoice. It is required.

The training schedule is as follows (they will be 3-day-events starting in 2020):

Friday: Meet N Greet Dinner at local restaurant of choice (chosen by the training attendees in advanced, we will call and make reservations!)

Saturday: 8AM to 8PM Fertility, Prenatal, Birth Support, Business & Placenta Exploration

Sunday: 8AM to 1PM Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Herbs & Nutrition

An online In Person Training Review Course will now come as a complementary treat from us for all 2020 attendees!

The list of topics we will be generally discussing are briefly listed here (all topics incorporate hands-on activities and participating discussion, we promise not to lecture you, we want you to learn and make this fun, too)

History of Birth work
Current birth statistics
Your scope of practice and HERBALs Code of Ethics
Fertility Support
Antenatal Education & Assistance
Physiological Childbirth
Pain Management Techniques
Hospital Birth Support
Midwife-Assisted Birth Support
Unassisted Birth Support
Placenta 101 (includes live placenta and how to encapsulate)
Postpartum Practices
Bereavement Support
New Parent Education
Utilizing Herbs
Cultural Awareness
Business Skills

We require a minimum of 10 pre-paid trainees 2 months prior to the date of training, to host a training. Your payment to us does not include your travel or stay if you are coming from out of town, but we can help with group hotel rates, if needed. That is why we make our in-person training so affordable! If you pay and the minimum amount of students is not met, you will receive a full refund. But we know you want to attend, so promote and tell your friends!

We would absolutely love to see you in Portland, August 15th & 16th to connect, educate, and set you up with one of the best foundations in the doula world, to have a successful birth career.

To sign up, email TODAY!

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