Welcome to HERBAL’s professional directory! Below are HERBAL trained Doulas, Birthkeepers, Placenta Encapsulators and Peer Lactation Counselors.


Birth Without Bounds
Ariel King
(334) 540-3256
[email protected]

Full spectrum doula/birthkeeper, placenta specialist, and lactation counselor offering services custom tailored to your needs. Located in Hurtsboro, AL and serving all areas in a 200 mile radius and arrangements can be made for those outside of that region. Virtual services also available upon request.


Hello! I am a wife and mom living in Wasilla, AK! I am a certified Herbal Birthkeeper and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I serve the Matanuska Susitna Valleys and Anchorage areas. Call me to set up a consultation! I look forward to serving you!
[email protected]
-Bethany Kirillov
Just a geeky mom with a passion for birth! My name is Madison Thomas and I serve the entire Fairbanks North Star Borough and Nenana area. I offer services as a birthkeeper, peer lactation counselor and postpartum care! I look forward to setting up a consultation and getting to know you!

[email protected]


Hello! I’m Jacquelyn Henry, I live in Mesa, Arizona and service the surrounding Phoenix area. I offer full spectrum doula care services. I have two wonderful littles of my own, my oldest born at Mercy Gilbert and my youngest born last march was our Freebirth baby. I have been passionate about serving mothers since I was very little. It is my true desire to help you have the birth you deserve. I would love to talk to you about being your doula. I offer a free 1 hour consultation and my clients currently receive my services at a discounted rate! Please text, email, or call me and we can set up our consultation 🙂 

[email protected]


Angelle RogersI have a passion for helping women have a positive and radiant birth experience. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, I’m here for it all!
LGBT friendly. 
Servicing Northwest Arkansas and 50 mile radius. 
[email protected]
Hello! I’m Lauren. I am a very passionate birthkeeper and my goal is to support YOUR birth in any way I can! I service families anywhere within a 2.5 hour commute of Little Rock, Arkansas. 
I offer full spectrum doula services, placenta services, peer lactation counselor services, and birth photography services. 
Lauren Wagner


Amanda Jones
Hello! I’m Amanda. I am a very passionate birth worker and my goal is to support the birth YOU want and deserve!
I offer full spectrum doula services, placenta services, peer lactation counselor services, and photography services.
I am located in Bakersfield California.





God Brought Me Here
Jacksonville, FL
Local and Virtual Services

Antinia Taylor is a spiritually holistic, full-spectrum birthkeeper. She specializes in healing trauma, PTSD, and or Anxiety associated with birth, abortion, and/or emotional-physical-sexual abuse.

God Brought Me Here to share my testimony and to help heal all those who have carried the weight of their suffering for far too long. I invite you to contact me if you desire to heal before, after, or during your full spectrum pregnancy.

Services I offer include:
Spiritual Guidance
Healing Sessions
Prenatal and Postpartum Support
Labor and Birth Support
Bereavement Support
Abortion Support

Contact me on Instagram @Godbroughtmehere
Or website godbroughtmehere.wordpress.com
Sacred Journey Birth Services
Brandy Leiner
551 497 1549
[email protected]
Instagram: @sacredjourneybirthservices

I’m Brandy. I am a Certified Holistic Birthkeeper, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I provide energy healing work. I support all births whether it be hospital, home or birth centers. Serving Broward and Palm Beach County but willing to go to Martin county and Miami-Dade if needed. 

“My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable, and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby.” — Marie Mongan
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown
Hey y’all! My name is Brittany Brown. I am located in Bushnell Florida. I have a passion for serving women and making them feel empowered in their beautiful and personal journey into motherhood. https://www.facebook.com/A-Mother-Is-Born-Doula-Postpartum-and-Bereavement-Services-644772309305588/
Brittany Collins 
contact info: [email protected] 7863481234
area: miami-dade county, fl
 “my mission is to serve by educating and supporting women (who are most at risk for childbirth complications) through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum holistically.” 

Jessica Villarreal-Hays
Roots Radical Birthkeeping
Serving Fort Walton Beach & surrounding areas.
I am an HERBAL certified Birthkeeper, herbalist, intuitive, energy worker, and mom of three. I own an herb shop and yoga studio locally. I offer childbirth education, pregnancy, birth & postpartum support, and breastfeeding support. I only attend home births, with my passion being free births. 
For my clients, I offer a variety of birth supplies that may be rented. These include blood pressure cuff, baby scale, birth pool, fetoscope, and doppler. I also have a birth lending library available to my clients. 

[email protected]
Sarah Becker

Wild Lily Birth Services

Hey there, I’m Sarah! I am a Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula currently serving Lee and Collier Counties in SWFL. I can also provide educational support, placenta services and breastfeeding support.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/wildlilybirthservices

Web: https://wildlilybirth.wixsite.com/mysite

Email: [email protected]
the kindred feminine | serving the orlando area | sliding scale

hi, i’m tamara of the kindred feminine! i serve all birthing and bleeding people by supporting pregnant people prenatally, attending mainly out of hospital births, and in the postpartum time. i teach bodily autonomy through the fertility awareness method. process placentas, and makes herbal preparations including teas, baths, salves, and tinctures and elixirs. 

i’m a bisexual cis woman who uses the pronouns she, hers, and her. i’m a newlywed in my early thirties. i’m the daughter of an immigrant single mother. i am a follower a god who came to earth and humbly and justly walked among us, and taught us to love the people around me, to serve my community, and to fight for justice for the oppressed.

i’m an advocate for fat positivity, body hair acceptance, lgbtq families, body literacy, and bodily autonomy for all people. i’m a birth keeper, and an herbalist. i make placenta medicine, and i hold space for the people who i have the privilege of serving.

check me out online: 
Trinity Caim Birth Services
Taylor Bland
Phone: 352-942-2427
Serving Central Florida & Travel services available


Hello! I am an Herbal Birthkeeper/Doula in the North Georgia area and Metro Chattanooga, Tn . Providing birth doula, postpartum, breastfeeding assistance and placenta encapsulation.  
Here you can find my social media: 
Phone number:
(423) 280- 6070
Email address: [email protected]



My name is Katelyn Koneko and I am the mother to two children. I am a VBAC mama and specialize in psychological birth serving the Treasure Valley. I have experience with breastfeeding, tandem feeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. I am the owner of Hello Gorgeous Boudoir as a boudoir photographer, as well as a maternity photographer. I am a peer lactation counselor and a placenta preparation specialist.
Text 2082970801


Birthkeeper & Beyond
Mikala Books
Rockford, IL 
[email protected]

Mikala is a holistic birthkeeper and lactation counselor serving Rockford, IL and surrounding area. You can find out what other services she offers by visiting her Facebook page or sending her an email. 
She is a mom to 4 children with 2 being born in hospital and 2 at home. 
Becoming a birthkeeper has been one of her dreams for many years. 
She has a servants heart and believes birth is sacred and the person birthing should experience it exactly how they want to. She wants to support and empower you through your pregnancy and beyond. 
Qiddist Ashé
Ashé Doula Services (Ashé Living LLC)

Peace, Beloveds!
My name is Qiddist (kid-ist) Ashé and I am a full-cycle doula & birthkeeper serving the Chicagoland area. My practice is focused on providing accessible, ancestrally-rooted, evidence-based care, particularly to Black & LGBTQ+ communities. I am a DONA-trained doula, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE), placenta encapsulation specialist, belly binding practitioner, fertility health educator and herbalist. I am passionate about supporting individuals in stepping into their power and autonomy, wherever they are in their lives. I believe that when birth is treated as the sacred act it is, that it can be profoundly healing for ourselves and our communities. I would love to connect with you!

[email protected]

Facebook & Instagram @ashedoulaservices 




Hi! I’m Ana! 
Mommy to 3 girls – 1 born at a Hospital and 2 born at Home! I will accommodate your needs/wants! Send me a message and let me know what I can help you with!

I provide Birthkeeping/Doula and 4th trimester (Postpartum Care,) Placenta Preparation Services and Peer Lactation Counseling! If you would like a night out with your partner, I am able to provide wet nursing for your Baby. Let’s start a movement an normalize wet nursing, again! 🙂

Proporciono varios servicios incluyendo: Doula, Cuidado de Posparto, Preparacion de Placentas, Ayudo con Lactancia y mas! Mandeme mensaje para poder platicar mas y poder ayudarte!

Facebook page:

Email: [email protected]


Israel Johnson[Doula, Lactation Consultant, Placenta Specialist, Child Birth Educator] Founder of Pistil and Stamen (@JustDoulaYou) 

Who we are:
Pistil and Stamen provides emotional and physical support virtually and In-Person. We offer customizable packages to fit your unique needs focused around Family planning; including Doula Services, Child Birth Education, Lactation Support, and MORE! 

Find us on Facebook:
Location: Berea, Kentucky 40403
Phone: 859-625-4116

Serving: Kentucky and surround areas (Virtual options available) 



Wit’nLove Birth Services 
Kristi Whitten
Located in Central Maine, serving virtually all over the globe

Kristi Whitten is a certified holistic Birthkeeper/Doula, Licensed Independent Minister, and Freebirth Advocate located in Central Maine. Kristi has been supporting and encouraging birthing people for the last five years, and recently became certified as a Birthkeeper/Doula in 2019. She offers spiritual birthkeeper services, providing education and support for assisted and unassisted birthing people with Wit’nLove Birth Services via phone, text, messenger, and/or video chat. She has pursued further education in scriptural study, child sexual abuse and trauma, domestic violence, and became a Licensed Independent Minister in 2017, offering ministerial counseling for clients who are interested. Kristi and her husband have seven children whom they homeschool, and freebirthed five of them in the comfort of their home. She desires that all birthing people govern their own physiological birth experience where and how they choose, while their birthing team helps them to achieve their goal. She is devoted to arming birthing people with the knowledge and encouragement they need to confidently welcome their babies armside.

Website: witnlovebirthservices.com
Facebook: Wit’nLove Birth Services
Instagram: @witnlovebirthservices


Kristyn is a Holistic Birthkeeper, Herbalist, and Rootworker serving the Baltimore, MD area and surrounding counties. She offers full-spectrum, inclusive care to pregnant people throughout the childbearing year as well as other complementary services. Please visit www.barefootbirthkeeper.wordpress.com for more information. And stay connected on Facebook (links below).
Kristyn Gerchalk
Holistic Birthkeeper, Herbalist, and Rootworker
[email protected]



The Warrior Within Birth Services 
Alisha Wymer-Shattuck
Serving Mid-Michigan and surrounding areas

I am a certified holistic doula/birthkeeper and breastfeeding peer counselor who is studying to become a midwife in the Mid-Michigan area. I believe all births should have one thing in common: birthing people should feel empowered, autonomous, and supported no matter where or how they choose to give birth. I have become dedicated to helping growing families achieve this by providing them with the knowledge, encouragement, and support to help them feel empowered in their choices and their birth space.

Facebook: The Warrior Within Birth Services
Instagram: @thewarriorwithinbirth
Born Again Birthkeeping is a newly planted vision in the heart of Coldwater, Michigan. Leahamarie has had an interest in birth since joining the natural health community at the age of 18. She has completed over 150 hours of specialized doula and birth educator training in Wollongong, Australia and is currently double-certifying with HERBAL (a holistic based doula training.) Leahamarie is passionate about all things related to birth and women’s wellness. Her goal is the educate, advocate for, and serve the women of Midwest Michigan with both her hands and her heart!


website: https://leahamariemf.wixsite.com/babirthkeeping


Jane Yaakni Hopaki
My name is Jane Yaakni Hopaki. I am a Chickasaw mother of two born-at-home children, Traditional Birthkeeper, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and Certified Placenta Preparation Specialist living in Rochester, Minnesota. I’ve spent the last 5 years studying physiological birth and breastfeeding while mothering my own children full-time. I am passionately mother-child-centered and a proponent of birth outside the medical-industrial paradigm. I offer Prenatal Mentoring, Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Placenta, and Birth Pool Supply Rental Services within a 1.5-hour radius of Rochester, MN.
FB: Earth Birth & Breastfeeding
Instagram: @ EarthBirthServices
Samantha Zapata

I am a birthkeeper, postpartum doula and placenta specialist located in Anoka County, Minnesota. I serve the Twin Cities and northern Minnesota areas. I can provide assistance with fertility, prenatal, labor and birth, postpartum, bereavement, breastfeeding and more! I support unassisted and assisted births in a variety of settings including home, birth center and some hospitals.

[email protected]



Holistic Renegade Birth

St. Louis Metro Area

FB: Holistic Renegade Birth

Jess is an herbalist and homeschool mom of four. After her second cesarean, Jess became determined to learn everything she could about birth. Her third and fourth children were born at home. It is her wish for every expectant mother to feel supported, informed, and empowered. In addition to birth and postpartum services, Jess also offers blessingway planning, mother roasting, red tent ceremony planning, and herbal products. 
My name is Summer Sheafer! I’m a naturally minded boy mama to two 💙
I serve Neosho, MO & a 100 mile radius. I’m here to help educate, support & empower you during your pregnancy, birth & Postpartum seasons.





My name is Chelsea Beloud, owner of Beautiful Beginnings Doula & Photography. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, a mother to three amazing girls; Chloe, Charlotte and Calliope. I love to craft and be artistic, and I am a Certified Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper, Lactation Counselor and Photographer. 

My goal is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to my clients to empower them to have the birth they desire. I offer fertility support, antenatal, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding support as well as Photography Services! 

Please let me know how I can help you with your beautiful beginning. 

[email protected] 
Placer, Nevada and surrounding Counties, California 

New Jersey

Jill Burke
JillBaby Doula Services
Hammonton, NJ.
(609) 892-3931
[email protected]

From “unnecesarean” to freebirth- Jill has personally experienced a lot and feels passion in sharing her stories and helping families achieve empowering and blissful births, offering customized support and love through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
Hello! My name is Rosalia Tisch. I own Life’s Journey Doula Services and offer birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding support and more. You can contact me at 908-278-7443 or [email protected] 

Breech and VBAC are my favorite topics! My birth work passion stemmed from lack of support, education, and trauma I had received from my personal experience in a hospital setting. As a natural born researcher and chemist, I came to learning more than I have ever imagined about birth and everything that surrounds it! I left my lab job to support, empower, and educate women about their rights, autonomy, informed consent, and way more! Your birth, your baby, your way! It all started with my son. He is my Life’s Journey. 

Be sure to check out my website for updates on new services. Many are coming soon! www.LifesJourneyDoula.com
Stephanie Cohen.png
My name is Stephanie Cohen owner of Cohesion Birth Services. I am a mother of two and Im located in NJ serving all of NJ, as well as parts of PA and DE. (there is a move in our future so stay tuned because if you live in Michiana – I may be able to serve you in the near future). I offer fertility support, pregnancy support, birth attendance, postpartum support, placenta preparation services, peer lactation counseling and support, even loss support. I also make whole food supplements and herbal tinctures (coming soon!). As a mother who has had a medicated birth in a hospital as well as an all natural home birth – I strive to support growing families in varying walks of life. I have a passion for informed consent and helping women have the birth experience they desire.
Sacred Birthkeeping Doula Services

Hello! My name is Victoria and I am a Doula/Birthkeeper serving NJ and surrounding areas (parts of DE, Philly, and parts of PA) I am a

mother of 3 who’s goal is to support women (and their families) in all birthing settings (home, hospital, birthing center, the forest, anywhere!) in having the birth they desire. I am available for ALL settings, ALL situations, and ALL types of mamas. Don’t limit yourself. You ARE worth fighting for the birth you want and deserve. It’s time we take back birth from the over-regulated “diagnosis” it’s become, and back to its sacred, primal roots! As your Birthkeeper, I will be there to support you and advocate for you every step of the way, through prenatal, birth, postpartum/fourth trimester, as well as support establishing breastfeeding and navigating pumping, ongoing lactation counseling, and even placenta preparation! Whether you’re a first time mama or mother of multiples, you can count on unique, individualized care with a holistic approach that is tailored to mama & baby. I can’t wait to serve you! 

Ph: (609) 651-2418

Email: [email protected]

FB: https://m.facebook.com/sacredbirthkeeping

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/sacredbirthkeeping/

New Mexico

One Spirit Birthing



[email protected]

My name is kaytee. Wife and mother 2 three amazing little humans. I’ve been in birth work for 5 years and recently certified through HERBAL in birth keeping, placenta encapsulation, and lactation counseling. I have hands on training in tradition mexican rebozo techniques and other pain relieving stretches, and much more. I’m a practicing native American. I’ll support you and your choices in just about any setting with my knowledge, experience and education to help you have a beautiful birth the way you vision. Serving Albuquerque, NM.
My name is Keanna Bishop. I own and run The Doula Mama. I’m 21, a single mom of a 15 month old daughter. I am still breastfeeding and want to help women throughout their pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding journey in southern New Mexico. I love everything natural and am excited to inform new moms of the natural ways of pregnancy,birth & breastfeeding. 

Instagram: @thedoulamama777

New York

I’m Sierra! I’m a 23 year old mother of 2 boys, serving the Central/Upstate New York area. An hour south of Syracuse, 3 hours from Rochester. I serve all people in any part of their journey regarding fertility, conception-birth, breastfeeding and post partum. I’m holistic/natural minded and always take the alternative/holistic approach to everything! I’m happy to serve in all types of pregnancies, births and preferences! You can reach me by email at [email protected] or by text 607-441-6569

North Carolina

Hi! I am Lauren Brett, owner of Her Voice Birth Services. I offer birth and postpartum doula services, peer lactation counseling, and placenta encapsulation. It is my intention to allow all women the opportunity to experience the best care so that they may feel respected and empowered during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am currently serving Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, NC and surrounding area.
Website: https://hervoicebirthservi.wixsite.com/mysite
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hervoicebirthservices
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hervoicebirthservices/?hl=en
Email: [email protected]
Hello! My name is Megan Alcius. I am a Full Spectrum Holistic Doula/Birthkeeper currently serving Raleigh and the surrounding areas. In addition to birth services I offer placenta preparation, postpartum support, and lactation support. I also offer virtual services. Sunshine Birth Services
Olivia is an H.E.R.B.A.L. certified Holistic Birthkeeper serving the Raleigh-Durham and surrounding areas in NC. She has been involved in the birth world since the fire was sparked in her soul over 10 years ago while working as a nanny for a home birthing family. She believes that birth is sacred and is honored anytime she is invited into your birth space. Olivia is passionate about physiological birth and informed consent and believes all birthing individuals should be able to birth however they want, wherever they want. Olivia has two biological children that she birthed peacefully and safely at home. She provides a variety of services including fertility support, prenatal support, birth support, postpartum support, placenta services, lactation services, bereavement support, and photography services. She is happy to provide individualized services and care, offering custom herbal blends for clients. Olivia offers education and support for babywearing, cloth diapering, and holistic/natural alternatives.
Olivia is a member of the LGBTQA+ community and is happy to serve clients from all walks of life. Olivia offers discounts to people of color, LGBTQA+ community members, and low-income families. 
Shannon Dent

Website: www.missdaisydoula.com     

Email: [email protected]        

Phone: 585.993.7289    

Instagram: @shannondaisies  

Shannon is a new Doula in Charlotte, moving from Upstate NY. She has deep family roots in homebirth midwifery care. She is currently enrolled in Midwifery School and plans to get her CPM as a Midwife’s Apprentice. She has apprenticed as a Doula under Kira Kimble and learned alot from Sarah Cowherd from Sage Mama Doula as her live-in Nanny. With a calm presence and natural understanding of birth, Shannon reinstates the confidence that women carry innately and will create a warm, cozy, birthing environment wherever you choose.   

Description of services offered:

Doula Service: $500
Postpartum care: $22/hr
Placenta Encapsulation: $200

Areas/hospitals served:

Charlotte, NC

Certified as a doula through HERBAL
Currently working towards another certification through BAI

North Dakota


Colleen Uszak
“High risk” mama of two, I am passionate about women owning their births outside of the hospital system. I offer birth and postpartum doula services, peer lactation counseling and placenta preparation. Currently serving Cleveland, OH. 
(330) 321-1142
[email protected]

My name is Farrah Lewis. I live in the Toledo, Ohio area, but will serve all of Northwest Ohio. My services include Birthkeeper/ doula, postpartum care, lactation counseling and placenta preparation. Call or text 419-969-9047. You can also find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/farrahlewisdoula/
Email: [email protected]


Im Bethany,  a Holistic Birth and postpartum doula, breastfeeding specialist,  fertility and yoni wellness support with an ancestral rooted, holistic approach.  I am also a professional photographer specializing in all things birth and baby, located in Altus OK, serving surrounding areas and willing to travel anywhere in the world when called! Providing assistance with fertility, prenatal, labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and herbal aides.  I support birth wherever a Mother feels it should happen, and believe a woman knows how to birth unhindered and undisturbed. 

[email protected]
My name is charity Ferrusca I’m an army wife, married for almost 7 years, have 5 beautiful children. I’m 28 years old and I have a huge passion for doula work. I’m a certified birth keeper/doula, lactation counselor and placenta specialist. I started my journey as a doula to give mothers like me a fighting chance. To help mothers empower themselves. I serve women in Oklahoma and northern texas.

Courtney Gillaspia.png
Hi! I am Courtney, owner of Okie Babies Birth Services. I offer birth & postpartum doula services, Childbirth education, placenta encapsulation, lactation counseling, and breastmilk jewelry pieces. My goal is to empower, educate and celebrate your birth with you!
Located in Oklahoma, traveling from Norman to Enid to Tulsa. (I live near Stillwater)
W: Okiebabies.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/okiebabies/
Ph: 405-219-9712
Jessica Rutledge Based in Mansfield, Texas & serving all of the DFW area (& virtually around the world)
[email protected]

I am a certified lactation counselor, certified doula/birthkeeper, placenta preparation specialist, & certified virtual doula. I have a background in nursing & a passion for advocacy. I focus on empowerment through education to help you reach your goals for birth & breastfeeding.
Lindsey Stark 
Fearless Birthkeeping Services 
[email protected]

Serving Southeast Texas and surrounding areas. 

My role as a birthkeeper looks like a lot of different things but a few highlights are that I empower you to become your own advocate, eliminating fear with evidence based information and resources. I also help your partner feel involved and confident through teaching them all the ways they can support you and I fiercely protect the energy of your birth space.
I normalize the process and prioritize you. Your mental emotional health matter and this should be one of the most memorable and positive experiences of your life and my job is to see to that. 
Meghan Skye Blair.png
Meghan Blair was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She and her husband have been married since March of 2016. The couple met in their 7th grade science class at Union Public Schools. He gathered up the courage to ask her to call him on the last day of school by signing her yearbook with his phone number in it. Together they have a white boxer named Caspian & a baby boy named Zane. Meghan’s aspiration to become a doula started with the journey of her own birth. She and her husband found out they were 9 weeks pregnant in early April of 2017. They were very excited but quickly became overwhelmed with all of the choices and information that needed careful consideration. Meghan was suggested Tulsa Family Doulas through a friend. Before that encounter she didn’t even know that doulas existed.

After a brief interview it was then that she understood the teams’ passion for helping expecting mothers through one of the biggest life changes a person could possibly go through. It has always been her passion to be there for people in their time of need. Meghan had the most perfect birth experience and she owes that to her doula team. She felt she owed them so much she studied all of the needed criteria so that she can continue to pay that service back for the rest of her career.
Your Birth Experience, Certified Instructor, CYBE, 2018
Certified Labor Doula, 2018
Postpartum Doula, 2018
CPR and first aid certified, 2018
Certified Placenta Specialist, 2018
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, HCHD, 2018
Blood borne pathogens training, 2018
Hello! I’m Veronica Hart, but I prefer to go by Vee! I serve the Northeastern Oklahoma and Tulsa, Ok areas within a 200 mile radius. My passions include serving women and helping empower them to take back charge of their birthing experience and fertility health! I am a mother of six boys, I have experience in the birthing world, both traumatic and healing. I want every woman to experience a spiritual and healing birth. I offer a free consult, the consult has no timeframe, most of the time I speak with women and we lose track of time getting to know one another. This can be done online or in person. You are welcome to email, call, or text me to set up this free consult! I have multiple services available such as: Placenta Specialis, Birth Doula, Postpartum Support, Fertility Coaching, Peer Lactation Counseling, Spiritual Healing, Montrice Services, and more. 

-Veronica “Vee” Hart

[email protected]



Empowering Birth & Beyond 
Desirae Miller 
Desirae is a mama of four, located in Middletown PA, serving Central and Southwest PA, with some travel exceptions. She is currently accepting clients for limited availability in 2019, contact her ASAP before her calendar fills up! She is one of the co-founders of HERBAL and has extensive research and experience in unassisted birth.
Mallory Scalise has long been a realistic thinker and quickly caught the birthing bug when she became pregnant with her beautiful daughter.  Mallory was always passionate about having a natural birth and was determined to have the birth she dreamed of!  She is forever grateful for the support from her partner before, during and after she gave birth.  She became overwhelmingly compelled to work with women in their childbearing years to help support, educate, and empower them.  It was then, that she embarked upon the magical journey into the world of natural birth and discovered labor as a wondrous act of nature.  It brings her great joy to witness women reclaiming their empowerment and discovering their own innate wisdom. 

 Mallory’s birth work training formally began when she enrolled into the Birthkeeper and Doula program through H.E.R.B.A.L. (Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning) in October of 2018.  This course was very rewarding for her as she gained so much knowledge through this increasingly popular program.  Mallory has also obtained certifications in placental preparation and lactation consulting through H.E.R.B.A.L. 

Mallory also loves the dance world!  She starting taking classes and performing on stage at age 5 and is happy that it is still a part of her life today! This year, Mallory, will be teaching two creative movement classes for age groups 2-3 and 4-5 at STRIVE Performing Arts Center, owner and artistic director is her sister Kylie Santoro Horrell!
“I am so grateful to have found my true calling.  As a mother I know the magic and fulfillment of having a child.  Women will always remember the day they gave birth and welcomed their baby(s) earthside!  It brings me great joy to assist families in creating a positive birth experience.”

List of services:
• Birth work
• Placenta encapsulation 
• Postpartum & Breastfeeding support 
• Birth & Fresh 48 Photography

Area I serve: Southwest Pennsylvania (located near Pittsburgh) 

Contact Info:
Facebook: Empowered Holistic Birth Doulas 
Instagram: @ehbirth 
Email: [email protected]
Phone# 724-970-4608
I am a Herbal certified Doula & Peer Lactation Counselor located in Mercer County, PA.
[email protected]
Hello. My name is Treva Anspach and i serve the Blair county area. I am a holisitic inclusive birthkeeper. I am an antenatal birthkeeper which means i can help before pregnancy, during pregnancy, labor and birth, post partum, loss. I even offer support for any parent out there. Or any one with a womb. I am here for anyone and everyone. I love seeing others on their journey. I also offer sliding scales fees. I believe everyone should be able to afford or have help and support when they need it. If you feel you cant afford a doula, please reach out to me. 

Treva Anspach
[email protected]

Rhode Island

Sabrina Venuti
Indigo moon birthkeeper (Facebook page)
508 280 6859

Servicing- south shore, Boston, cape cod, fall river, New Bedford and rhode island

Services offered- antepartum, birth, postpartum or sibling doula. Placenta encapsulation, breastfeeding counselor

South Carolina

Hi, I’m Dani! I offer services for maternity, birth, fresh48, newborn and Milestones. 

I serve the following areas: Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Chapin, Blythewood in South Carolina

Contact Information:
[email protected] 

South Dakota


Brianna Lorenzo
My name is Brianna Lorenzo and I am the mother to an angel and two beautiful boys. I have had a medicated hospital birth and an unmedicated home birth. I have experience with breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and babywearing. I am also a maternity, birth, and baby photographer, as well as a peer lactation counselor and a certified placenta preparation specialist. I am bloodborne pathogen certified and have attended a 12 week Bradley course. I am located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Littlegoldensmilesphotography.com (click on the “doula and birth services” link!)
A Side Of Crunchy – Carmen Edwards 
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Phone #: 786-886-6521
Website: doulacarmenedwards.com
Carmen Edwards is the owner of A Side of Crunchy and mama to 5 wonderful children. After the the birth of her first daughter she fell in love with empowering women to have the birth they always dream of. She serves middle Tennessee and lower Kentucky.
Providing birth and postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation in addition to childbirth education, cloth diaper classes and support groups.
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Hi! I’m Kirsten and I am a doula providing services for all birthing people in the Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia areas. I offer antenatal, prenatal, birth, postpartum and lactation support that is attainable for all families to utilize. I truly have a deep passion for assisting others with all things breastfeeding and take my services as a peer lactation counselor very seriously.
I am dedicated to providing a holistic, informed and empowering experience for all!
I’m a certified Herbal Birthkeeper and Holistic Doula serving Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas. I have also worked as an herbalist and esthetician for many years. I offer menstrual health education, holistic fertility support, holistic pregnancy & birth support, and traditional postpartum services. I also offer herbal remedies, flower essences, and essential oils. 
 It is very important to me that women receive healing across the whole journey of motherhood. From maiden to motherhood I will help you become empowered with knowing your body and facilitating the natural process of pregnancy and birth. 

Lady’s Mantle Herb & Birth
Madison Caylor
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My name is Amanda Smith and my passions include anything Birth related. My birth obsession started at a really early age. Witnessing my little sister being born at home helped to instill a lot of that obsession. It also led me to birth both of my own children at home. After their births I realized how little women actually know about the entire process of pregnancy and birth. This is something I could change by helping new parents navigate through pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester.

       All of this led me to opening Sacred Arrow Birth Services, located in Southeast, Texas in the small town of Sour Lake. I offer Labor Support, Birth Photography, Placenta Encapsulation, and Post Partum Services. My service area is pretty large and includes anyone within a two hour driving distance. I support all births; from an unassisted birth in the woods to a scheduled csection, I’ll be there to support the birth YOU desire.

Amanda Smith
Sacred Arrow Birth Services
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My name is Kaylii Marcum. I am a Holistic Birthkeeper and own Holistic Cocoon, located in East Texas. I am a full time student in Holistic medicine, I carry several certifications within Holistic health, and am extremely passionate about empowering families with knowledge! I offer services for prenatal, birth, postpartum, along with placenta encapsulation and lactation consulting. 
I take on clients who strive for a natural lifestyle, no matter where or how you choose to birth! 

Holistic cocoon
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Tristyn Vincent 
Based in Weatherford, Texas. 
I am an HERBAL certified Birthkeeper and offer birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, fertility support and placenta services. I’d love to be a part of your special day and help you achieve a respectful, empowered, and peaceful birth.
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Hi! I’m Dez Weyburn. I serve Davis and Weber counties in Utah. I fell in love with birth eight years ago and haven’t stopped learning yet! I am passionate about supporting informed choices no matter what the birth setting happens to be. I provide (non medical) birth support at any gestation and in any setting, lactation support, postpartum care, and occasional amateur photography. When I’m not serving my community of families, I’m a mother of two earth babies and one angel baby, a wife, and a podcaster.
Learn more about my services at newrhythmdoulas.com/services



Kim is a birth and postpartum doula. She also offers placenta encapsulation and pre/postnatal massage. She offers daytime and overnight postpartum support. Her approach is holistic whenever possible and will support, educate and empower you through the most important moments in your life. She offers support in Northern Virginia, DC and Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland. She has military base access and proudly supports military personnel and their families. Kim can be reached at 571.247.8121 or via email at [email protected].


My name is Cynthia Garcia and I am a doula/birthkeeper, lactation counselor, and advocate for mom, dad and baby through a new exciting journey, serving Western Washington!  My goal is to help mom achieve the birth that SHE wants and to support her and dad through it all. My services include support through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding! I also offer help with postpartum freezer meals/meal prep. I also work with a meditation guide to help with energy healing,

Cynthia Garcia

Email: [email protected]
Website: gentlelovedoula.com
Serving Western Washington! 

West Virginia

My name is Jeri Ann. I’m currently 24 with a daughter, and married to my high school sweet heart. I’m a certified Birthkeeper/Doula and became a Doula to help other women have the birth of their dreams!
I serve women in the Southern West Virginia area.


 Martha Wasserman
262 902 8714 at doulawoman.com. Birth and postpartum doula. All welcome here including Free Birthers. Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.



Ms. Elisabeth (Lisa) van der Wilt
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Phone: 289-407-5090
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Serving the Mackenzie County region of Alberta Canada (La Crete, Fort Vermilion, High Level and surrounding are)

Brief Description:
My name is Tammy Banman, I’m a Certified Birthkeeper, Lactation Counselor, and Placental Specialist and serve/educate woman throughout pregnancy, during labor, and throughout their postpartum period. I have customizable client packages and serve both in and out of hospital births including free/unassisted births. 

Czech Republic –  JANA URBÁNKOVÁ

New Zealand

Lily-Rose Featherstone
I am a holistic, Christian postpartum doula and birth-keeper. I offer nurturing support to women in their childbearing years, from pregnancy to birth and into the 4th trimester. I am passionate about two things. The first is guiding women to understand the physiology of the birth process so they can have a beautiful and memorable experience.
God has wonderfully created our bodies to naturally labour over and protect our precious babies, a process we are privileged to partner with him in. It is phenomenal to learn how everything works together in this process. The second thing I am passionate about, is allowing women to heal, nourish their bodies and to flourish in the 4th trimester with their darling baby. God bless, Lily-Rose Featherstone.
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