Trailing Membranes: A Stage 5 Clinger Sac

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The amniotic sac, though strong enough to hold a baby, or multiple, for a full term pregnancy, is also very delicate. As baby’s head tears through the sac to come down and out, it’s possible the sac can become torn apart and small or large pieces left behind, even after the placenta emerges.  This is…

GBS Testing and Treatment During Labor; Is it Necessary?!

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Who was given antibiotics during labor because they tested Group B Strep (GBS) positive around 37 weeks gestation? You know, that awkward swab they did in your vagina and around your butt hole? Did you actually look into GBS or did you just agree because “My doctor said so”? Did you look into what harm…

Vaginal seeding;  swabbing baby’s face with vaginal fluids after C-section delivery

Vaginal seeding; swabbing baby’s face with vaginal fluids after C-section delivery

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Have you ever given thought to swabbing your baby’s face with your vaginal fluids? Well you might wanna give it some thought if babe is born via cesarean! Since 1996, the cesarean rate for delivery has increased by more than 48%. Some being necessary, but majority being performed for non-science based reasoning. Reasons such as…

Egg Donation: Risks For A Natural Mama

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You want to give back to society with the extra that you have, and make a little extra money, seems easy, right? There are many ads that pop up on Google, Facebook, the radio, and more, encouraging women to do a great service by donating their eggs and market the process as short and simple…

The Surrogate’s Placenta: A First-Hand Experience

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There are two different types of surrogacy, traditional surrogacy and a gestational carrier surrogacy (TS vs GC). Traditional Surrogacy is when a surrogate uses her own egg and either the Intended Father’s or a sperm donors sperm to become pregnant, carry and deliver the child and return it to the Intended Parents (IPs). They may…

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