So… you want to be a birthkeeper? But wait… what IS a birthkeeper?!?

A keeper of the sacred and spiritual energy that surrounds a woman’s innate and primal self as she enters a new step in motherhood, that can best be labelled as BIRTH.

A keeper of the rare knowledge that a woman IS capable.

A keeper of confidence, empowerment, rebellion, support.

How is that any different than a doula or a midwife?

Well, it should not be, ideally. A doula originally meant ‘female servant.’ A midwife meant ‘with woman.’ Unfortunately, society has greatly lost sight of what a traditional doula or midwife is, and has completely medicalized the midwifery and doula fields.

Though a doula is not intended to be medical whatsoever, many doula organizations do not allow their students to carry things as simple as essential oils or a homeopathy kit, items that are available at most local supermarkets, which are very clearly NOT medical. Many doulas are restricted from attending unassisted births, which were the history of how we came to be here today as mankind, honestly, so to restrict such a primal and beautiful occurrence, despite not acting medically, is preposterous.

A midwife now has boundaries on what types of birth she can attend, and if a woman passes beyond those restrictions set by the government, a midwife risks losing her license and even being faced with legal consequences. Some examples of women that may “risk out” of midwifery care are women whom have had multiple cesareans (despite the fact that a VBAC is proven safer than a repeat cesarean and risk of rupture is minimal), a woman carrying twins, a woman of “geriatric” age, a woman with more than 7 children, and there’s MORE! Some states vary in what is allowed and what is not, but bottom line, midwifery is not what it used to be, or is supposed to be. Some midwives are so medical, they are comparable to OBGYNs and it is insulting to traditional midwives that truly believe in women more than modern medicine.

So that’s where we come in. The rebels go by many names, birth worker, birth attendant, birth witness, but we prefer BIRTHKEEPERS.


Join us in creating a birth revolution, bring back the birth space that mothers are crying out for desperately. Help us educate, empower and evolve these women that are told they are broken before they even become mothers, and guide them towards blossoming into wise, resilient goddesses, that they always have been in their soul.

If you want a program that allows you to express yourself in your modalities, whether it be herbalism, nutrition, spiritualism or any other alternative therapy, that encourages you to support the mothers who have walked away from the system, that believes in physiological birth and will make an impact, choose HERBAL.

For $333, you gain lifetime access to our Birthkeeper training along with certification, monthly advertising on our Facebook page, becoming a part of our Directory and invitation as a complementary guest to our retreats when they come local to you (or not, we won’t object if you travel to come see us).

Why $333? Angel number 333 means aid and encouragement, which is exactly what you are all about to begin with, right? Seeing 333 together also indicates that what you have requested, is on its way to you, and we have arrived, so please join us!

Modules Covered in the HERBAL Birthkeeping Training:

Birth Work Timeline – Discussing the powerful women and men that developed birth education, traditional midwifery models, where we went wrong, and what our current birth world looks like.

Antenatal/Prenatal – Supporting a pregnant woman in more ways than just education.

Physiological Birth – The process of physiological birth including the hormones, positioning, and how the baby is an active participant in physiological birth.

Assisted Birth Support – Coverage of hospital, birth center, home birth with a midwife, and what true physiological birth looks like and what interventions impact that.

Unassisted Birthkeeping & Birth Emergencies – A plethora of ‘what if’ scenarios reviewed and how to handle them and how to provide support in an unassisted setting without providing medical care

Pain Management – From modern pain management to natural pain therapies, all the information you need for any of them, you will find here.


Fertility – Tracking, Natural Family Planning, Hormones Involved, What Impacts Fertility and Alternative Fertility Treatments

Bereavement/Loss – The sad side of birth work, that is much needed. This module goes over the different forms of losses and how to support a woman through them. Includes miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth, infant loss and abortion.

The Fourth Trimester – Everything to know about postpartum care, whether or not you will be providing postpartum services, it is important to be able to educate your clients on what to expect postpartum, discuss postpartum mood disorders, norms and more

Breastfeeding – Unlike any other standard breastfeeding module, go in depth in learning about inducing lactation, galactagogues, breast anatomy, latches, ties, benefits of breastfeeding, squashing breastfeeding issues, and alternative feeding methods.

New Parent Guidance – Believe it or not, parents trust you and your advice as their friend, walking through this crazy parenthood journey with them, about important subjects such as vaccines, circumcision, diapering, sleep training and everything else in the book! This discusses what What To Expect When You’re Expecting won’t tell you! We dive in with source after source to provide to your clients and educate, educate, educate!

Nutrition – What you eat, is eating you! It is incredible how much food impacts our health and well-being. Whether a woman is struggling with fertility, working to maintain a healthy diet while pregnant or breastfeeding, or just curious on how to switch up her lifestyle to include a balanced meal plan, you can help!

Homeopathy, Herbs & Alternative Remedies – A guide pulled from extensive research with naturopaths, herbalists and personal experience, use this unlimitedly as your go to, to help your mamas.

Essential Oils Throughout Motherhood – Everyone is using essential oils nowadays, but there are so many options! Which ones are safe and recommended for mothers in each stage of motherhood, exactly? Compiled by an aromatherapist, you can learn, too!

Cultural Awareness In Birth Work – This is a massive issue that is simply not discussed enough. It is crucial that we as birth workers, represent and serve the community as a whole. HERBAL has provided nine beautiful women scholarships to specifically serve Women Of Color, because we recognize the need. You as a birth worker must be aware of the disparities, and be able to respect the differences and other cultures boundaries revolving fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

LGBTQ – Again, we love our whole community, not just parts of it. Learn about the differences in working with the LGBTQ+ Community in birth work and what they may face as opposed to heterosexual couples when it comes to fertility, pregnancy stereotypes, parental rights and more.

Identifying & Addressing Abuse in Pregnancy – One of our authors has trained in the Domestic Violence field and worked with survivors, so this subject is very close to her heart, and with one in four to seven women being victims or currently abused, you absolutely will face this at some point in your career, whether you realize it or not and the more we can educate birth workers on the signs and what to do, the more women’s and babies lives we can save collectively.

Self-Care In Birth Work – We get it, you’re an empath, you love serving others, BUT you absolutely have to take care of yourself, too! The in’s and out’s of secondary trauma, birth PTSD, how to avoid it, how to treat it and how to love yourself after loving on all those sweet mamas and babies all the time.

The Business End of Things – Here we talk about how to be your own business! Sure, you can know everything under the sun, but how do you put yourself out there to let people know that you do?? We go over prices, branding, interviews, prenatal appointment suggestions, back-ups, marketing, types of business entities, contracts and other documents that may be helpful.

Hosting a Childbirth Education Class – A Guide on how to host a physiological childbirth education class that covers all the things expecting parents should know!

Hosting a Birth Story Circle/Mom Group in Your Local Area – This is so simple, but so vital, to have across the nation. Providing a judgement free space for moms to speak their birth story, when they may not have anyone else in their life to listen, can literally save lives. Lets build up our community one birth worker and one mom at a time.

Becoming a Midwife’s Assistant – So many of us birth workers are interested in all aspects of birth, and becoming a midwife’s assistant is one of them! This goes in depth of the difference between a midwife’s assistant and a doula and what the roles would be as an assistant and how to become one.

Healthy Home For Healthy Pregnancies – This module revolves around toxins in the home, including mold, chemicals in furniture, products, floors and walls, from roof to foundation, we discuss the safer options to have in your home, to promote healthy living and healthy pregnancy.

Suggested Resources/Readings- Over 100 resources to connect with, read, and learn from for a new or improving birthkeeper! Great sources for everyone, whether it is your first birth, or your 10000th. Also, as a side note, NONE are required. We are honestly tired of people telling us what to do with our minds and bodies, so why are we going to tell you what you have to read? Take from our list and decide for yourself, or find something off the list, you rebel, it’s your choice! It is simply a guide to help.

Lastly to complete your certification process, you will be able to select from several options, what you want to present as your final project. We do not require that you attend births complementary or births that you are not actually comfortable with, in order to get a certification faster, that is against our mindset, so we gave you more to choose from! Once that is complete and submitted, we guarantee a quick turn around on your beautiful certification.

As always, if you have any other questions after what you have read thus far, we are more than happy to answer.

Feel free to email with questions, comments, compliments, we will take them all!

Thank you for your consideration, we hope you go HERBAL and we will see you soon!