Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we take the courses?

All the courses are completely online! We do offer hands-on training events which can be done in addition to your online training but are not required. However, they can be used towards your final project.

Is this program applicable and legal for my state/country? 

Absolutely. Doula training programs are not regulated by the government, unlike midwifery schools or licensing, so you need not worry about the laws surrounding your state or country and your work. It is completely legal!

Why choose this program over another? 

We are personable and quick to respond to questions and concerns. We promote our students on social media so you get free marketing, with your program purchase, ON TOP OF our website directory, no other program does that! We offer an exclusive student Facebook group for our courses where you can chat with other students, graduates and teachers. We are truly natural-minded and for the birthing women and birth workers, we are not OB buddies and we will not limit you from what types of births you attend. We also teach business strategies and techniques that are important to know when getting started.

I want to do this…  I just do not have the money for up front. 

Great news! We have payment plans that are extremely affordable, and we will work on a sliding scale basis. This requires proof of income/taxes of some sort, and let us know your budget, and we are willing to be flexible for those that truly need it. We also offer occasional scholarships! Currently we are seeking ASL fluent, Spanish fluent, Women of Color, and LGBTQ+ persons to become birth workers with our program! Feel free to email us to inquire further at

Are you currently accepting students? 

We are ALWAYS accepting students, year round, 365 days a year. Since our course is all online and we have flexible schedules as moms and birth workers, we are able to accept you when you are ready to start, there is no waiting period.

Are there required pre-requisites to this course? 

No, this is a great course for a birth worker that is just starting out, or is deep into her career and realizes she wants to certify with a different agency than what she previously certified with, we are versatile and accept you in any stage of your journey.

How long does it take to get certified? 

That is dependent on YOU! Your work ethic and pace determines your finishing point. We recommend one module a week, so if you are taking the Birthkeeper training, that would be 18 weeks, but we have had students finish in as little as 4 weeks. Once you complete all exams in each module, and the final project, you will receive your certificate in the mail about 7-14 days later.

What does the certification say when you receive it?

The certification will display your full name and recognize you as a “Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper” with the HERBAL Training Program and will  be signed by each of the Co-founders. You will receive a virtual and physical copy.

Is this program accredited? 

No way! We never will be! Due to the fact that we allow our students to do more than the standard doula certifying body, without stripping them of their certification for bringing essential oils to a birth or attending an unassisted birth, for example, we do not meet the accreditation requirements, though you may actually learn more than what you learn in accreditation-based doula courses! It is completely up to you.

How do I sign up?

Go to and select the course you are interested in! If it is the Free Birth Crash Course, you will need to email us for a code to bring the course to $20, but otherwise, start away and enjoy. And if you have any questions, please contact us!