Taylor Bland

Taylor is a doula and birthkeeper that specializes in birth, bereavement, postpartum, fertility and surrogacy.  She is also CPR, NRP, Servsafe, CNA and Bloodborne Pathogens Certified, with two years of domestic violence victims support and emergency police dispatcher training and experience. She is a mama of one toddler, a midwifes assistant since 2016, and was a gestational carrier (surrogate) to fraternal twins from 2017-2018. She attends hospital, birth center, home and unassisted births, happily. With well over 50 births under her belt in a short amount of time, and two traumatic births of her own in the hospital, she is dedicated to preventing and reducing trauma for other mamas as much as she can, by being a friend and advocate that attends births, and trains other empowered women to attend births as well, protecting women everywhere.

Desirae Miller

Desirae Miller is a mother of four, based in Pennsylvania. What lead her into the birth field were her first two births. Those deliveries took place in hospitals, she found those experiences to be a disservice and began her journey looking for what physiological birth truly was. Her 3rd birth was an unassisted home birth on International home birthing day, this experience lead her into the birth field. She was on a mission to change birth as we know it by educating and empowering women! She focuses more on fertility, natural birth, home birth, and unassisted birth. She attends unassisted births only as a Birthkeeper, as she is called to. Her full time job is currently at home with her little ones, all under age 5. She has plans to be practicing traditional midwifery full time with in the next 8 years in the state of PA.  She is available for virtual doula services, placenta preparation services, and would love to speak with you about HERBAL classes, unassisted birth, your birth experiences, your birth options and more!